Monday, 7 August 2017

Tinker card


  1. Hey George I enjoyed looking at your Tinker Card slideshow.
    I would certainly enjoy to create my own design with a 3d printer and share it on my blog too.
    Keep up your daily work at school and if you would like to visit my blog site the link is below:

    1. Thanks for that I will like looking at your blog.
      It seam's you are a really nice person.I'll look at your blog when I finished writing this.Sorry for the writing i'm not that good.Bye : )

  2. Hi George, I am Nicholas from Waikowhai Primary. I really liked your Tinkercad slide show. I liked your Tinkercad because I do this but your R2D2 is so cool. What shape did you make it out of? What do you like most about Tinkercad? What I like is that you can design anything you want. Did your design get 3D printed? Keep designing more things, and if you would like to visit my blog here it is.

  3. Talofa Lava George, My name is Antonio from Waikowhai Primary School and I'm in Room Te Waka Ako. I really like how you explained what you did with tinker cad and really like how you put photos on. This makes me think of when I can't get into tinker cad,It's very ANNOYING!. For advice I think you can add more slides with more pictures but it was awesome. if you want check out my blog See Ya Later.